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Cut-Resistant Gloves
  • CAF 87 and CAF 87C are cut-resistant gloves, developed by the our R&D group, specially designed for hardworking personnels of hazardous industries and for any activities that required intensive and comprehensive protection to hands. An extra light weight product providing heavy-duty protection. A comfortable and safe sure gloves.
  • Gloves are proved particularly good to provide satisfactory protection for those activities that performed in the industries such as Meat cutting and packing, glass cutting, metal stamping, construction, carpentry, forestry, fishery, police, military, security, outdoor activities and many others.
  • These gloves are designed to have 3 inches long for a comfortable protection on soft lower part of hands.
  • Sizes available, S, M, L and XL ; or 6,7,8 and 9 for European specifications.Extra large size will also be available on order.
  • Weight: 150 grams,4.75 OZ per pair. White color only.
  • Please read the warning about these gloves.

CAF 87 Cut-Resistant Gloves

 [CAF-87 Cut-Resistant Gloves]

  • CAF-87,composed by HPPE, ballistic fiber, and stainless steel filament abrasion resistance, no less than 30,000 cycles, conforming to the standard of ASTM D3886-92 of U.S.A. over 20 times strengthens than general gloves.
  • Cut resistance test, better than the highest standard, the 5th grade of CEN 388, European norms. Salt water and sweating durable.

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CAF 87C Cut-Resistant Gloves

 [CAF-87C Cut-Resistant Gloves]

    CAF-87C, a further protection design base on CAF-87. Anti-loosing rough surface in one side and regular in another, providing better grip for varied and multiple purposes. (The pattern of coating to change without notice.)

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HPPE material

HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene Fiber) is a highly advanced ballistic fiber material, usually applied in the anti-bullet vest, armed vehicles and other anti-bullet products. Every piece of gloves applied high quantity of such material.


  • a glove is not Cut Proof gloves. Not safe for high speed rotating knives and or saws. Do not conduct any experiments on such facilities with gloves.
  • Do not touch electric current with these gloves.

How to measure the size

To measure your sizes,

  1. Place pen top on the black point in the picture, keep motionless.
  2. Hold this pen in your left palm area between the thumb and the second finger, and then point your central finger to the color area to the left of black point. The figure that indicated by central finger would be your size.
  3. When between sizes, the one with smaller size is recommended.
  4. US Size verses European size
US Size European Size Length from base of palm to the end of the index finger
S 6 7 inches/17.5cm
M 7 7.25 inches/18.3cm
L 8 7.5 inches/19.0cm
XL 9 8 inches/20.4cm

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